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Since joining Menashe Properties in 2011, Jordan’s creative and energetic leadership approach has brought the company to the next level. Jordan has focused on modernizing and expanding the brand, strategizing each asset at the micro and macro levels, to propel growth to over five million square feet by branching into new markets including Vancouver, Seattle, Denver, Dallas and Chicago. Menashe Properties has unlimited potential and is well positioned to capitalize on future growth opportunities.

Prior to joining the family business, Jordan studied Real Estate, Finance, and International Business at the University of Southern California. Upon graduation, Jordan enjoyed immediate success in a dynamic role at First Property Realty Corporation in Los Angeles. Jordan was eager to return to Portland to pursue growth of the core family business.

Jordan is driven by a desire to connect with people, to determine an equitable business partnership with everyone he encounters and to have fun along the way. Jordan deeply cares about his Ownership role and prides himself on attention to the big picture while never overlooking the details which define an efficient, smooth and satisfying transaction for everyone involved.