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Since joining Menashe Properties in 2011, Jordan has brought a creative and energetic leadership approach to all aspects of the business from modernizing and expanding the brand, improving building aesthetics and spaces in a creative manner, and strategizing assets. Jordan has taken the company to a new level with unlimited potential. He has managed to strategically, but carefully, refinance the family portfolio while adding a number of significant assets in a very short amount of time.

Prior to joining the family business, Jordan studied Real Estate, Finance, and International Business at the University of Southern California. Following graduation, Jordan established success and growth in a role at First Property Realty Corporation in Los Angeles, however he found himself eager to get back to Portland and pursue an expansion of the family business.

Jordan is driven by the constant pursuit of perfection. He has already made an impact on the greater Portland, Seattle, and Denver markets and has his eyes on many other cities for the near future.