We are a family-owned commercial real estate firm. The success of our tenants matters to us. We take it personally. Our team has the unique ability to get your business into the right space quickly and expertly, and we offer a full suite of services and cutting-edge building technology.


Menashe Properties leases office, retail, and industrial space. Because of our proactive, person-to-person management style, our properties are some of the most well-regarded in the area; we negotiate leases swiftly and fairly. Let us help you find just the right property for your needs.


Menashe Properties provides local, fast, responsive, flexible, hands-on management. We are long term owners deep-rooted in the Greater Portland community. The pride we take in our portfolio is evident through our impeccably maintained properties and longstanding, pleased customers. Above all else, we are committed to ethics, honesty, and taking care of our customers.


We are always open to acquiring commercial real estate in the Portland metro area, Vancouver, Washington, and we are actively expanding our search to other western states. We pride ourselves on the ability to perform quickly and to close many transactions without financing. We’re in the market for commercial real estate in all asset classes in the $10,000,000 – $75,000,000 range.


We offer extremely competitive terms in the private money market. We recognize some deals are unconventional and we appreciate the opportunity to discuss any proposal. Our ability to quickly respond and perform efficiently sets us apart from other lenders in the business. Our loans are securitized by real estate and range from $1,000,000 to $20,000,000.